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Personal Direction &

Leadership Development


Breathe, think, feel -

slow down and be present

Imagine the opportunity to renew...


Uncover what may be hidden or buried within

Imagine the opportunity to explore...


Affirm and energize purpose and direction

Imagine the opportunity to discover...


Change and adjust for optimal  alignment

Imagine the opportunity to thrive...

Find Your Center

Life has a way of moving us off center.  We don't intend to get out of focus, but can find ourselves reacting to life rather than living from a place of centeredness and intentionality.  

Center is designed to help individuals, leaders, teams or families take time to renew, explore, discover and thrive.  Traveling this four-fold journey through personalized direction and leadership development, being immersed in this intentional time and space will help you find and live from your Center!


We want to help you find your Center again!

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