Dr. Stephen Campbell
Principal Director

Stephen earned his Doctorate in Leadership in the Emerging Culture in 2007.  Specializing in the development of critical tools for effective 21st Century leadership, he has served as a mentor and spiritual guide for almost 25 years.  His passion is to help individuals, families, and colleagues discover a renewed sense of vision, purpose and direction for their lives - to help them find their Center again!


Intensive Participants

A few years back I came to a place in my ministry where I felt weary and in some ways, lost - lost in where I was, where I should be going, and even what I should be doing. I have never doubted God’s call on my life to pastor, however I desperately needed clarification in my call.

     While on a sabbatical, I was fortunate to meet for two full days with Dr. Stephen Campbell (The Center). In all my years of study and being resourced with tools for ministry, none have been as fulfilling and beneficial to my call as the time I had with Stephen. He was able to help me to hear clearly my own thoughts and ideas, and even more, to be able to hear and discern God’s voice in the midst of this “storm” I was experiencing.

     As pastors we pour ourselves out for others continually, and we can find ourselves getting lost in the journey of ministry. I highly recommend Dr. Stephen Campbell as one who has clearly been gifted by God to minister to the minister. I truly believe that Stephen and his ministry through The Center can be life changing.

~ Renee, Local Church Pastor

In our journeys often it seems like the debris of life’s struggles is inclined to sink our rafts. A disappointment may show its ugly face, or we may be capsized by our own inability to hear the voice of the ONE. This is exactly where I was when I sought out the guidance of the Center. The very ministry and call I had received at the age 16 was beginning to fade.  At least that’s what I thought.

    After spending a few days at the Center, I discovered that the ONE was actually trying to expand me, my understanding of ministry, and my ability to love humanity. With the business of life I needed one thing, QUIET. Not until I was quiet did I discover what kind of true ministry leader I am supposed to be. Spending time at the Center allowed me to get out of the way of myself, expectation and disappointment, so that I could really listen to the Holy One. 

~ Michael, Hospital Chaplain