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Dr. Stephen Campbell
Principal Director

Stephen has served as a leader and guide for over 35 years helping individuals, teams and organizations discover a renewed sense of vision and purpose for their lives. He earned his Doctorate in Leadership in the Emerging Culture in 2007, specializing in the development of critical tools for modern leadership. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, and holds several other coaching certificates.

Stephen loves the adventure of traveling with his family, which is an appropriate metaphor for how he approaches all of life!


Stephen is an innovative, strategic thinker and an open-minded leader who thrives at leading individuals, groups and organizations through transitional processes.     

~ Susan, Chief Medical Officer


After the pandemic our team had gone through a lot together and was very tired. This experience in some ways brought us closer but also caused some frustrations and resentments. Stephen led our management team in a full day workshop and really helped us learn more about each other and reengage as a team. We were able to have open and frank discussions and rebuild our trust together. He is a compassionate, insightful and knowledgeable trainer and mentor. I highly recommend working with Stephen individually or with your full team!

~ Kristen Lyons, CEO, Shasta Family YMCA

In all my years of study and being resourced with tools for ministry and leadership, none have been as fulfilling and beneficial to my call as the time I had with Stephen and Center.

~ Renee, Local Church Pastor

After spending a few days at the Center, I discovered that the ONE was actually trying to expand me, my understanding of ministry, and my ability to love humanity. With the business of life I needed one thing, QUIET. Spending time at the Center allowed me to get out of the way of myself, expectation and disappointment, so that I could really listen. 

~ Michael, Hospital Chaplain

I have worked with Stephen on several projects throughout the last few years. Collaborations with him continuously confirm he is an engaging speaker, trainer, and mentor.  He innately taps into the strengths of each individual and empowers them to focus on the steps needed to make short-term and long-term change.  Stephen is professional, creative and gives insightful recommendations to effectively lead groups to consensus.  Through support and accountability, he creates fun, productive environments both in-person and virtually.  It has been a privilege to work with Stephen and I highly recommend his services.

~ Caedy, Non-Profit Executive Director

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