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EQ & Self-Awareness

Happy Monday!

Last week I introduced the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). As I shared, one of the exciting realities of EQ is the fundamental belief that it can be grown and developed within us.

Today I want to share some thoughts on the first component of EQ, Self-Awareness.

This is really the beginning point of understanding and growing our emotional intelligence. In its simplest form, Self-Awareness is all about noticing and becoming more aware of our own, personal emotions as they happen and unfold in us, and then being able to identify what they are and how they are impacting us.

For example, we might be in line at a store and someone cuts in front of us and we have an emotional reaction to it. The reaction is normal and not really controllable in the moment, but when we engage our Self-Awareness we notice that we are having an emotional reaction, which allows us to become curious about it. “I am experiencing an emotional reaction right now. What am I feeling? What is it about this situation that caused this reaction? What is it doing in my physical body (red face, pressure in my chest, knot in my stomach, etc.)?”

Next week we’ll consider the power of being able to specifically name our emotions, but for this week, perhaps the first step is simply to pay attention. Take time to notice when we are experiencing an emotional reaction, and then, get curious about it. Step back from it (just a little) and ask some questions. “Where did this come from? What am I feeling? What physical reaction is it causing? Why did this situation bring that out?”

As we start to pay attention, we will already be working to increase our Self-Awareness and our EQ!

Be Well,


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