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EQ & Social Awareness - MORALE!

Happy Monday!

We are continuing our journey through the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), remembering that our EQ can be grown and developed within us!

Last week we reflected on Social Awareness as it relates to individuals connecting with other individuals. Today, I want to share some thoughts on Social-Awareness as it relates to organizations and teams.

In the same way we use the tools of empathy to become socially aware of the emotions of individuals around us, teams and organizations can also have a sense of collective emotion. Often this is referred to as morale or chemistry.

I’m a pretty big San Francisco Giants fan. When they were on their streak of winning 3 world series titles in the span of 5 years, we heard some regular messages. “We have a really great sense of team chemistry right now. There’s a great feel in the clubhouse.”

Morale is the term we usually use for this in the work world. We hear things like, “Morale is low. Morale is starting to improve. Morale seems good right now.”

One of the most important facets of this type of social awareness is realizing there isn’t any one factor that contributes to organizational morale or team chemistry. In fact, it is often a result of many, often small factors, which no one person or individual has the capacity to single-handedly change. But all of those individual choices make a collective impact.

This is why I believe the most important question every member of a team or organization can ask related to morale is, What impact am I making on morale? How are my small decisions impacting it? Am I mostly communicating in negative ways with others around me, or am I working to communicate in positive ways? Is morale improving or getting worse, and how may I be contributing to that movement?

No one person carries the full weight of any organization’s morale, but as a part of the team, it’s critical that I recognize I am certainly one of the factors that is making an impact.

What impact am I making on morale, and is it the impact I want to be making?

Be Well,


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