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Showing Up!

Have you seen those videos where children are on a stage, and they look out over the audience, trying to find their people?  And then we get to witness that moment when they see them and their whole countenance changes? Magical!

That's the power of Showing Up.

This past week I was at a presentation and heard someone share this quote*: "If your presence isn't making an impact, then your absence won't either." That really struck me. What kind of an impact am I making by just showing up? As I've reflected on that in the context of those kid videos, it's made me realize there are two critical elements that make Showing Up so powerful.

Who are Your People?

Who are the people you are connected to that are actually looking around and hoping you show up? It's easy to go to the place of family and friends, but what about the people you are leading? Who needs you to Show Up, maybe even just to touch base with them and check in? Who needs your input into a project they are working on, or needs your encouragement because the solution they just tried failed? Who needs you to make a decision so everyone can continue to move forward, knowing we will all give our best in this endeavor? 

How are You Showing Up?

The thing that is the most powerful about those kid videos, is we have no idea what kind of a person that child was looking for! What mattered was their authentic presence (and certainly their absence would have been significant!). By just showing up as themselves, without pretense or having to put on a mask or their own show, they made a significant difference. It's such a powerful reminder to me that I don't have to be someone I'm not to Show Up in a certain way. I just need to bring my full, authentic self and allow that to make an impact.

So, who are your people? As you think about the spaces and places you are going to be this week, how can you allow your authentic self to make an impact with your presence? Here's another way to ask this question: WHO needs YOU to Show Up this Week?!

Here's to Showing Up!

Be Well,


*The person who shared this didn't cite their reference and I wasn't able to catch them afterwards to ask who said it.  The closest I could find on the interwebs was a similar quote from an author named Trey Smith. "If your presence isn't making an impact, your absence won't make a difference."

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