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With Kindness!

I work with a really great organization whose mission statement begins with the phrase, “With kindness….” I also work in another capacity that requires a lot of interfacing with the public. So, it is with a great deal of certainty and experience that I can say, choosing an attitude of kindness makes a significant impact!

I think it is critical that we notice that previous statement, “choosing an attitude of kindness.” When I am working in my role with the public, if someone comes up to me who is choosing kindness, it impacts me. In fact, it can significantly alter my own perspective if it happens right after I encountered someone who wasn’t choosing kindness! The choice of each individual makes a difference.

It’s also important to recognize that the place of greatest choice isn’t dependent on what others do, but on how

I choose to respond. While I may be tempted to respond to someone’s unkindness with some of my own, often if I choose kindness in that situation, my choice makes a significant impact. While it may not change them, it certainly helps me feel better than if I meet their unkindness in a like-for-like way.

With this background of choosing to act with kindness in mind, I offer the following ideas as jump starters to the way “With Kindness” matters.

With Kindness we can:

Make someone’s day


Show someone love

Have a hard conversation

Disarm unkindness

Find gratitude

Build trust

Strengthen relationships

Create a positive work environment

What ideas come to your mind, and how can you choose to act with kindness today?

“With Kindness we can…!”

Be Well,


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