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I've been working on a project in my backyard over the weekend. Did you know there's a difference between how an idea looks in your mind when it's finished, and the various steps that are required to actually get there?!  At some point I realized there wasn't any way I could complete the project without some extra help. That conclusion also reminded me that I have a hard time asking for help, mainly because I don't want to inconvenience others. Fortunately, I have a partner who reminded me that if the tables were ever turned and other people were asking me for help, I would be very willing to lend a hand if I was able. So, a request went out, some extra hands showed up, and the vision in my head is starting to take shape.

I think this pattern for asking for help is true for many of us. We are very willing to lend a hand to others if they need it, but we gravitate toward self-sufficiency when it comes to our own lives.  Our motivations may be different for why we do that, but asking for help can feel like a real challenge. However, none of us can survive, let alone thrive in our lives without the help of others around us. Whether it's for a physical task or an emotional situation, needing help isn't a sign of weakness. It's actually a sign of maturity and strength when we can be vulnerable and reach out to others we trust for support.

Where do you struggle to ask for help? Are there situations you are facing right now that would be better if you had the input of others? Who do you trust that you could reach out to for help? Would it be easier to ask if you thought about the roles being reversed? 

Here's to asking for Help when we need it this week!

Be Well,


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