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Awe & Wonder!

I've recently been thinking about awe and wonder in our lives. I know that one of the reasons for this is because I have my first grandchild in my life, and it is so fun to just watch them as they take in everything around them! But I also think it may be related to the holiday season we are currently in.

Over the weekend we took time to put up our decorations, which include a bunch of outside lights on our house. Because of how we like to decorate, this is a pretty tedious and involved process. We also added a few new, small lighted trees to our outside lights this year, so we had to figure out where to put them. I got everything else done and was placing those trees as the last step. It took several tries to figure out exactly where we wanted them, and I must confess, by the time I was all the way done, I was more interested in just being done than I was appreciating the beauty of the lights! I didn't really have any sense of awe and wonder, but was consumed by my simple desire to just be finished.

After some rest and reflection though, I think I want to be more like my grandchild and welcome more awe and wonder in my life. I want to be more intentional about driving around town and appreciating the beauty of the lights, the joy of the music, the simplicity of seeing the world like it's new again.

Here's why - if I'm trying to be mindful of moments of awe and wonder, I think it will help me slow down and appreciate some of the simple beauty of the world around me. And when I do, I also think it will have a positive impact on my overall attitude and even my ability to appreciate others. I think it will give me a small boost to my soul, so that I'm not so focused on just getting the tasks done, but can open my eyes and heart up just a little more to the wonder of the world around me!

How could you invite a little more awe and wonder in your life this week? What impact might that make on your life and outlook?

Here's to embracing a some awe and wonder this week!

Be Well, Stephen

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