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Energy Flow!

You have probably heard of a time study where you keep track of where and how you are using your time. This can be a really helpful tool for brining mindful awareness to places where time may be used more wisely.  

But have you ever heard of an Energy Study? Same basic concept, except instead of paying attention to your use of time, you pay attention to the way Energy Flows and how you tend to use it.

For example, I was recently talking with someone about their desire to give some time and space to a new creative effort.  In the course of our conversation, we processed their Energy Flow and discovered that the mornings are a time when they feel at their most alert and sharp. So, they scheduled some creative time for the morning.  Similarly, another friend and I discussed how their Energy is super low in the morning, but they feel like they can get twice as much done between 9 PM and midnight, so they are considering how to use that discovery to their advantage.

Now, maybe you are thinking, "That might be nice, but I have this thing called a job that requires certain hours from me." Or perhaps you're like my other dear friend who says, "I'm not really a morning or a night person. I'm more of a brunch person!"  I certainly understand there are outside influences that dictate components of our schedule and lives, but how could paying attention to our Energy Flow help us work within the frameworks that we have?

What are the tasks that require the most attention from you, and how might being aware of your Energy help you schedule or prioritize those? Are you like me and have an Energy slump in the afternoon? If so, are there projects that require less focus or that involve more activity and movement that could work well in those times? And what about the responsibilities that you know require a lot of Energy from you? How are you resting before and after them to make sure your overall Energy levels aren't getting too depleted?

Here's to working with our Energy Flow this week!

Be Well,


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