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I am grateful to be back from some time away and sharing some thoughts with you again this week, but I must admit, I have had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to write, which is why this is just now coming to you on a Thursday!

Part of it is because I have been confronted with a lot of ups and downs of life that just seem to be connected to the complexity of our world.  Some of it is probably related to the fact that I tried to unplug from social media, news, etc. while I was gone, and now the firehose of non-stop information is flowing again (maybe we'll think about that in another message!). Regardless of the source, I have felt a bit overwhelmed to be honest. 


Then I stumbled across these words this morning, and I thought, "That is exactly what I want to share this week!"  I hope these words ring as true in your heart today as they have in mine!

This world will break your heart. There’s enough sorrow to go around and for everyone to have seconds. 

But this world has a thousand forms of medicine too. 

I’ve yet to find healing in: 

Self-pity, isolation, pretending I am not hurting, comparison, hardening myself, standing in judgment (although it sure feels good). 

But I have found it in: 

Eye contact with another person who is in a tender place, the rare moments I stop filling in the blank about another person, compassion toward myself and others, remaining open hearted in moments I want to shut down, … using my pain to see it in others rather than only in myself. *

Here's to being someone who is working to bring Healing into the world!

Be Well,


* Nadia Bolz-Weber, “Humans Are Inconveniently Complex,” The Corners (blog), March 11, 2024.

Nadia is one of my favorite authors and I continue to be challenged by the beautiful way she sees the world in it's full complexity!

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