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Your Shine is a Little Dull!

I have a confession to make - I like social media. It’s fun to get updates from people who I may not be able to see or connect with on a regular basis. But, I also have to confess, I think it may be inadvertently causing us some harm. For the most part, social media world is what I would call our “shiny” space. We post our pictures and updates of all the fun and wonderful things in our lives - our beautiful vacations, our wonderful partners, our incredible children and grandchildren - and everything always appears to be just so shiny! In the social media world - everything looks perfect and beautiful. Now I know I am overgeneralizing, and there are times when we post about hardships or difficulties, but for the most part (me included), our tendency is to post the bright and shiny spaces of our lives. The danger with this is, it can give all of us a biased perspective on what “normal life” looks like. We see everyone’s shiny lives and begin to think that is what normal is supposed to look like. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and comparison, especially for those who may be struggling in their own lives. It’s important to remember that social media is just a highlight reel and not an accurate representation of real life, just a slice of life that’s mostly shiny. I believe the antidote for this is making sure we have people we can connect with who are willing to see and accept us in the moments when our shine is a little dull. People we can be authentic and vulnerable with who are willing to stick with us even when it’s not a “postable” day! These relationships help to ground us in a more realistic reality, and they can keep us from feelings of not measuring up to a shiny reality that isn't fully accurate. Who are your “non-shiny” people? Those friends or family members who help to keep you grounded and aren't going to walk away when your shine might be a little dull? How could your relationships grow even more authentic if you thanked them for being who they are in your life? Here’s to admitting our shine is a little dull!

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