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I've been having a lot of conversations with people recently about feeling overwhelmed. I can relate! I actually think that feeling is a lot more common than we realize. We live under a constant barrage of information, our to-do lists never seem to go away, everything is getting more expensive, we just got that phone call, and we've got to finalize our plans for vacation so we can "relax!"

I also know that one of the side effects of feeling overwhelmed can be a sense of paralysis. Sometimes when things feel particularly daunting we may experience a sense of just being stuck, or frozen in place, and it almost feels impossible to even know where to begin.

I was chatting with a friend recently about this idea and they described it as the mountain. "I look at the mountain and it seems so big and overwhelming, I don't even know where to begin, so I just sit there and stare at it, and end up not doing anything!" Again, I can relate!

In those moments, one of the tools I use to help break me free from being frozen in place is to remind myself that Anywhere is a good place to begin! In other words, rather than trying to figure out what I should pull off the mountain first (and then getting more overwhelmed trying to figure out the best starting place, which leads to more paralysis!), if I just start Anywhere, I am actually making progress.  Then, once I am tackling something, that movement can help me make better decisions about what's next and what will be the most important thing to tackle next. It's like the movement of starting Anywhere on the mountain helps me figure out how to better prioritize the rest of the mountain, which begins to ease the feeling of being totally overwhelmed.

Do you ever have these feelings? What is your current mountain and is it causing you to be frozen in place? Would it help to just start Anywhere? Without really thinking about if it's the right thing, what could you pull off the mountain right now and get started on it? Would that help you figure out the rest? Could that be a small way to lessen the feeling of being totally overwhelmed?

Here's to starting Anywhere today!

Be Well,


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